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CARE SPA – Oncology Spa Therapy

Spa and Wellbeing Treatments to help nurture and support during cancer.

“Going through cancer is a challenging time for our overall health and wellbeing that can bring a whole host of physical, emotional and psychological changes. Every person deserves to feel as well as they can during such a difficult time and be able to be nurtured and supported with spa and wellbeing treatments that are suitable just for them.”

Michelle Sparkes, Founder of CARE Spa  (Cancer and related effects Spa).

*Michelle Sparkes is a certified Oncology Spa Specialist with oncology board-approved and accredited training in both the UK and the USA and has 28 years of active therapy experience in the spa and wellbeing  sector.


A great deal of evidence shows the many positive benefits received from having oncology spa treatments that can help to support our wellbeing during conventional cancer treatment. Sublime Boutique Spa is the first spa in the South West to provide such an extensive range of spa and wellbeing treatments conducive for those living with cancer. We also provide spa treatments for the caregivers and support group of family and friends, all in a safe, sanitary, welcoming and nurturing environment.

Every treatment is selected specifically for each person’s needs depending on where they are on their cancer journey and the CARE Spa approach creates quality of life spa experiences and programmes that are suitable for health-challenged skin and weakened immune systems to help relax, calm and nurture.


Hand and Foot Retreat         45 mins/£40

A wonderful massage treatment for the arms, hands, lower legs and feet which helps to relieve symptoms of hand and foot syndrome, or palmar/plantar erythrodysesthesia, a side effect of certain chemotherapy. Intensely moisturising and stress relieving, leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed