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Your skin is as individual as you are. Exposed to such variables as stress, diet, hormones and climate your skin is in a constant state of change, or homeostasis. Because of this it can often be a challenge to keep your skin balanced and healthy and many people walk around unaware of what their skin needs for ultimate health.

Every Facial Treatment at Sublime Boutique Spa begins with a personalized evaluation of your skin’s well-being and is customized to suit your skincare needs. A Couture Facial Treatment personally designed for you, to promote balance, beauty and wellness and help your skin reach its maximum potential.

Express Facial 30 mins / £30

A wonderful pick-me-up when time is of the essence or as part of a skin care programme to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Classic Facial
1 hr / £55

All the essentials to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extractions, massage, mask therapy and moisture treatment.

Divine Facial  1½ hrs / £80

The Classic Facial plus additional time to focus on your skin care concerns, pressure point massage, head massage and luxury buff foot treatment.

Sublime Facial 2 hrs / £110

The Divine Facial plus a back, neck and shoulder massage to begin.

Teen Facial 45 mins / £40

A deep cleansing, purifying treatment which helps to rebalance, hydrate and assist in the management of teenage breakouts, to promote healthy, radiant skin.

Back Facial 1 hr / £55

Some pampering for this hard to reach area to keep the skin in good shape. Includes all the essentials from the Classic Facial to smooth and detoxify the skin with a soothing back massage. Ideal for breakouts, irritation or if the back will be on view.

Book your facial waxing or tinting at the time of your facial appointment to ensure we schedule enough time.

Every day that we present ourselves to the world people are looking at our faces and mostly into our eyes. This delicate area requires nurturing and care to help maintain the skin and minimize the appearance of the side effects of poor skin health, such as pigmentation, fines lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Lash Tint £15
Brow Tint £10

If you have never experienced tinting before, please call to schedule a complimentary patch test required at least 24 hours prior to the service, to check for any allergies or sensitivities.



Hot Poultice Massage

Hot poultice massage is a deeply therapeutic treatment which dates back many centuries when the ill or unwell would be treated with medicinal poultices that were filled with various herbs and spices, to help restore their health and well-being. Originating in Thailand during the Middle Ages, wounded soldiers in Autthaya would receive hot poultice massage to help the healing process of their injuries and ailments.

At Sublime I combine the powerful benefits of rhythmical Thai massage using the heated poultices, with a warm oil massage to provide a treatment experience that is both unique and extremely relaxing.

The deep heat from the therapeutic poultices help to ease muscular tension and discomfort whilst soothing aches and pains. It also aids detoxification as it helps to draw toxins from the body. In addition, the natural ingredients in the poultice itself will seep out from the hot poultice as it is massaged over your body, providing your skin with valuable nourishing and revitalising benefits.

Choose from the following hot poultice treatments…


Hot Coconut Poultice Massage

Warm coconut oil is drizzled and massaged into your skin followed by the soothing warmth from the heated coconut poultices releasing the warm coconut oil inside to deeply nourish your skin with powerful antioxidants and vitamins E and K. It will leave you feeling deeply relaxed whilst leaving your skin and soul feeling intensely nourished and nurtured.

Part Body – 45 Minutes/£55     Full Body – 75 Minutes/£85


Hot Herbal Poultice Massage

Warm jojoba oil is drizzled and massaged into your skin followed by the firm pressure of the heated poultices that contain aromatic herbs, spices, roots and flowers from Thailand, releasing their therapeutic oils which will revitalise your skin whilst making you feel deeply relaxed and rebalanced.

Part Body – 45 Minutes/£55     Full Body – 75 Minutes/£85





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