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Wax and Relax

100% Natural and Organic Waxing

Why should I have organic waxing?

Pinks Boutique organic waxing at Sublime uses only Soil Association certified pre and post wax products and whilst the base techniques remain the same, there are added unique, luxurious and special touches that only Pinks Boutique Signature Spas are famous for.

After waxing, every hair follicle is open and the post wax products applied to the freshly waxed area have direct access to the bloodstream. The Pinks Boutique after wax calming lotion is free from all of the paraben preservatives, GM and toxic chemicals which standard lotions can contain, thus preventing any unwanted chemicals from entering the body.

We combine the finest French wax with superior levels of hygiene leaving you relaxed with smooth, calm and chemical free skin.

With regular waxing, hair growth will soften and slow down. For best results hair should be at least ¼ inch long.

Brows (complete re-shape) £15
Brows (maintenance) £10
Lip £8
Chin £8
Brows, lip and chin £22
Neck £8
Cheeks  £8
Underarm £12
Lower arm £20
Upper arm £10
Full arm £25
Full arm with under arm £35
Back £30
Chest £20
Shoulders £15
Stomach £10
Half leg  £25
Full leg £35


Low cut £15
High cut £20
French £25
Brazilian £30
Hollywood £35

Half leg with

Low cut bikini £35
High cut bikini £40
French bikini £45
Brazilian bikini £50
Hollywood bikini £55

Full leg with

Low cut bikini £45
High cut bikini £50
French bikini £55
Brazilian bikini £60
Hollywood bikini £65